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Michael Flahault is a consummate artist specializing in aviation themes. He paints with a variety of media from watercolours to oils. Mike also builds ultra-realistic aircraft models for museums, corporations and individuals.

Mike's work was exhibited at the 1998 "Horizons of Flight" Aviation Art Exhibition and Competition in Fort Worth Texas, sponsored by Simuflite Training International and "Flying" Magazine. There he won Best of Show plus two Awards of Merit, the first artist ever to win three awards in one show.

His watercolours are painted using a small-brush technique on acid-free Bristol or Arches paper. A pencil sketch is done first and, as composition and content are finally settled, it is erased as the painting progresses.

This chapter contains a selection of a dozen pieces of Mike's artwork.
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When describing his personal experience with the Challenger, Mike says:
"It's been very, very satisfying. Building the kit, the first time I've ever done something like that, was a wonderful experience. Plus it let me know the aircraft inside out. Every minute flying my Challenger has been pure pleasure."

You can view Mike's Challenger by browsing to Meet A Challenger Owner.

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