Trumpeter Swan Migration Project
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In the 1800's the advance of civilization eradicated the majestic Trumpeter Swan east of the Rocky Mountains. The Migratory Bird Research Group is using an amphibious Challenger in an effort to re-establish a self-sustaining migratory population of Trumpeter Swans in Eastern North America.

The Challenger is used both to exercise the young swans to build flight endurance and to guide them in their initial migrations. A fuller description of this effort is given in the "Trumpeter Swan Migration Project" report.

The first two pages of pictures were taken in July '97 when Bryan and Nathan Quickmire flew to "Swan Lake", a small pond west of Toronto, to visit Wayne Bezner Kerr and the cygnets. At that time the birds could swim but not fly. The second two pages were taken in the fall of '97 near Subury where the swans were undergoing basic and advanced flight training.

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