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Here's a small gathering of Challenger owners. Let us introduce you to:

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Maurice Baril Commander-In-Chief

General Baril is in charge of Canada's Armed Forces and has flown in CF-18 Hornet fighters, C-130 Hercules transports and CH-146 Griffin helicopters. An enthusiastic Challenger owner since 1999, he says his Challenger provides by far the most fun! When he retires Maurice plans on using his Challenger on floats to access some of his secret fishing holes that are not accessible to conventional float planes.

Norm Hull CF-104 Starfighter Pilot

Retired Squadron Leader Norm Hull has flown military fighters, civilian transport jets and helicopters. Following his military career he worked as an aircraft accident investigator for the Canadian Aviation Safety Board. Norm states unequivocally that the two biggest thrills of his life were his first flight in a supersonic CF-104 Starfighter and his first flight low and slow in his amphib Challenger.

Claude Roy Association Leader

Major Claude Roy performs frequently in his Challenger at Ottawa's "National Capital Airshow". He has set FAI world records for speed in an amphibious aircraft in this class. Claude has enjoyed flying his Challenger to the Saguenay River (for some airborne whale watching), James Bay (on skis in the middle of winter!), Oshkosh 2000 in Wisconsin (the first Canadian ultralight to cross the U.S. border) and Georgian Bay (to see the 30,000 Islands).

Jim Henry Aeronautical Engineer

Jim Henry has forgotten more about aircraft structures and design than most people will ever know. A good part of his career was spent as Director of Engineering for Canadair (now a division of Bombardier Aerospace) where he was involved with the development of the Challenger business jet. Now largely retired, Jim still does engineering contract work for Transport Canada and a diverse variety of aircraft manufacturers.

Michael Flahault Aviation Artist

Mike has flown General Aviation aircraft of many types and sizes but states: "I have never had so much fun flying as when I am in my Challenger. The experience of building my Challenger was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done, eclipsed only by the actual flying. Many of the skills required in the assembly of the Challenger are similar to those used in basic model building."

Jean Millette DC-10 Captain

"My original impression of ultralights was of flying garden chairs! I've done pretty much all you can do in aviation, from flying bush planes to fighters to giant airliners. Each has its unique appeal but flying my Challenger is probably the most fun I've ever had in an airplane. I assembled the Challenger myself which I found to be a thoroughly enjoyable and very fulfilling experience."

Norman Lethbridge Labrador Guide

With over 6400 hours in ultralights and having been flying in some of the most severe conditions imaginable, Norman has developed some strong opinions on his Challenger.
"Itís in a league of its own in rough weather conditions and is extremely capable in a crosswind. Most other planes need much bigger engines to get near this kind of speed, and then they consume a lot more fuel."

Gary Weller Insurance Executive

"This last vacation was superb! I flew the Challenger to my cottage 5-1/2 hours away.
We are blessed with many lakes only accessible by ATVs. We landed on one lake and surprised two fishermen who had made the all day trek into the lake over logging roads. After exchanging some fish stories we then made the 20 minute flight back to my place in time for dinner!"

Jacques Voynaud School Teacher

Jacques collected information about many types of ultralights and shopped for more than a year before coming back to his very first love, the Challenger. He says: "There is no other ultralight offering this level of capability and performance. Add to it an excellent safety record and you get the best quality/price on the market." Jacques says to GA pilots: "Try it, you might find out what flying is all about!"

Nadine Buckley Graphic Designer

ďTo fly the Challenger is an incredible experience. Itís the total freedom that got to me. This is not a world full of air traffic controllers, complicated machinery and regimentation. Turning off the engine and soaring in silence is not the kind of thing you do with a Cessna! Itís not just the flying experience though, itís everything that comes with it. All I can say is: Just do it!Ē

Ray Nash Marine Mechanic

Ray was first interested in aviation through ultralights and regularly read articles about the Challenger. His eventual selection of the Challenger was based on the very high number of aircraft produced (1,500 at the time) with parts and information widely available. "With my previous ultralight, the company went out of business and when I needed assistance no one was around to help."

Wayne Irvine Commercial Diver

Wayne's interest in aviation is ageless. He ordered a Challenger II and what followed were "a few months of very, very enjoyable assembly and finishing time that will remain a lifetime memory". Wayne's ski flights to the annual Challenger Owners Association winter fly-in in 1996, 1998 and 2000 were each 1,000 mile return trips and earned him the coveted Farthest Flown awards for all three years.

Click the owner's name to read the profile. Click the picture for an enlargement plus caption.

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