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OCT 5, 2022


Amphibious Floats = Go Anywhere = Land or Sea


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Go anywhere in this striking professionally built
Challenger Light Sport XL-65

Every Factory Option. Numerous Aftermarket Add-ons.
Amphibious Floats. No Expense Spared.

Airframe Only 315 Hours Total Time Since New
(Flown Regularly!)

Engine Only 44 Hours Since Complete Rebuild
With All New Rotax Factory Parts Plus
All New Hoses, Lines, Filters, Sensors,
Redrive Bearings, Cog Belt, Lord Mounts,
Overhauled HD Starter, New Odyssey PC680 Battery
(Virtually New 582!)

50 Hour / Annual Inspection Done August 30, 2022
(Ready for Action!)

Price $60,000 CAD

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National Ultralight Inc.
Bryan Quickmire
Phone (705) 721-9811
(Eastern Time Zone)

Aircraft Located at Edenvale Aerodrome
An Hour North of Toronto

Viewable By Appointment

More Information And Pictures Below

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Full Day VFR Instruments. Panel Mounted VHF Radio, Intercom, Transponder.

Long Range Tanks. Baggage Compartment. Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Custom Seats & Interior. Cabin Heater. Removable Doors. Tinted Lexan.

Full Dual Controls - Front & Rear - Sticks, Rudder Pedals, Throttles, PTTs.

Registered as Advanced Ultralight for all the privileges of certified aircraft,
but none of the red tape, plus no expensive parts, annuals or AME's.

Can be configured with Skis, Wheel/Skis, Wheels, Tundras. (Not Included)

(Click on pictures to enlarge!)
(Click on pictures to enlarge!)

Bespoke 582 Power Pack With All The Options

Rotax 582 Blue Head. Dual electronic ignition. Dual carbs. Automated oil injection.

Outstanding reliability. ASTM certified.
Proven in years of real world, four season use.

All Season Kit with Cabin Heater plus Radiator Louvres.
Oversize radiator for float operations - never, ever overheats.
Cockpit adjustable louvres keep coolant temps in the green year round.

Three-blade adjustable Warp Drive prop. Upgraded HP-L Hub.
Carbon Fiber Blades. Solid Nickel Leading Edges.
Purpose-Built 2.6-to-1 Reduction Drive.

Burns 3-4 US gph MoGas or Avgas. Up to 10% Ethanol is approved.
Operating costs $10-20 per hour. Maintenance costs $10-20 per hour.

Rotax 582 compared to older Rotax 503:
30% more horsepower, 34% more torque, 23% less fuel!
Half the takeoff distance! Twice the climb rate!
Off the water in 7 seconds!

XL-65 is the ultimate Challenger, thirty years in the making.
Major advancements over earlier Challenger II models!

New larger tapered vertical tail & differential ailerons. Less adverse yaw.
Increased directional stability & control. Balanced stability & maneuverability.

New optimized wing design. New leading edge channel wrap. New bottom ribs.
Hoerner fiberglass wingtips. Full span flaperons. Crisper roll rate.

New long range 20 gallon Wing Tanks for 5 hours endurance.
New larger, easy entry cockpit. New baggage compartment.

New heavy duty landing gear. New hydraulic disc brakes.
New heavy load saddles. New higher gross weight 1060 lbs.

(Click on picture to enlarge!)
(Click on picture to enlarge!)

The Challenger XL-65 has replaced the venerable Challenger II as the sales leader world wide.
Challenger Light Sport XL-65's are now flying on every continent but Antarctica!

The 582 powered Challenger Light Sport model XL-65 was designed expressly
for diverse Canadian missions in a wide range of terrains and temperatures.

Development was driven by thirty years of real world experience on wheels, skis and floats. Numerous features and design enhancements based on customer inputs are incorporated.

The Light Sport XL-65 expands the top end of the Challenger's envelope while retaining
Challenger's trademark docile nature, low stall speed and great glide characteristics.

XL-65 is easier to fly, carries heavier payloads, climbs & cruises faster, goes longer distances.
XL-65 is more rugged, more ergonomic, more economical, more reliable.




The new Challenger Light Sport
X Series Model XL-65
is a high power, high lift aircraft for amphibious floats, heavy loads and high density altitudes.


The facts and figures for the
new Challenger Light Sport
XL-65 are given here.

There are specs such as
gross weight and payload
plus performance numbers
such as cruise speed and range.


Challenger Light Sport XL-65


Design Objectives, Target Missions, Configurations, Specs, Performance


Challenger Light Sport XL-65

Features & Contents

In Depth
Standard & Optional
Special Order Upgrades


Challenger Light Sport XL-65

Rules & Regs

Aircraft Registration
Pilot Licensing
Inspections & Maintenance
Challenger Light Sports come with proven, highly reliable Power Packs consisting of ASTM certified Bombardier-Rotax 582 engine with matched reduction drive and prop.
Amphib Floats Puddlejumper amphibious floats have been the preferred choice of Challenger owners for two decades.
The composite amphibs are the most aerodynamic, most hydrodynamic, least weight, and the least cost too!
Light Sport Report This article details the new features and enhancements included in the
Light Sport X Series XL-65
designed for diverse missions in extremes of terrain and temperature.
Higher Gross Weight This article discusses the topic of gross weight and includes an
historical perspective as well as the engineering behind the higher limits of the Light Sport X Series XL-65.

Click here for more XL-65 info and pics in the special Light Sport section!

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