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This web site has superseded the traditional paper information package in detailing everything about the Challenger - specs, prices, ... Everything!

Click here to view the site map which gives the structure and contents.

The current Challenger lineup gives choices with a wide range of features, performance and prices to suit every need and every budget.

Click here for details on the Challenger Light Sport E Series and X Series.

Also here are articles on ski, float and long distance cross-country flying. There's even a primer on how to soar in a thermal. Compare the engaging Challenger experience to the world of general aviation where you motor along in a straight line at 5,000 feet, hermetically sealed away from the joy of flying!

This web site also replaces the DVD and VHS videos of yesteryear. Our Challenger Cinema contains a great selection of videos for viewing online. Video is the absolute best route to truly understanding the versatility and performance of the Challenger. Some of the videos show specific aspects of the Challenger, for example the difference in takeoff and climb between the 582 and 503 engines. Other videos were created by Challenger owners who were moved to share their experiences.

The videos are an eclectic collection of old and new footage which starts with classic 1980's era material and interleaves more modern footage. This is intended to show you the full spectrum of the Challenger's heritage - to give you a sense of the continuing evolution and an idea of just how far we've come since the early days! Tour the 1000 Islands on floats, wander over lush Florida greenery, skim along a snow-covered river with friends, ride a thermal upwards with the engine off.

All this information is here online for free. Click to our Site Map to learn what is on our site and where it is. Print pages for your personal use if you wish.

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