Challenger 30th Anniversary
Vignettes of a Pilgrimage
By Bryan Quickmire
Published in COPA Flight

Challenger Canada Photo Albums are hosted on Flickr!

Flickr is to photographs what YouTube is to videos!

Maximize your browser window to take fullest advantage of your device's screen size.

If you are already familiar with Flickr you can click here to go direct...

If you are not familiar with Flickr we have some hints and tips...

Flickr has many capabilities. To keep your experience quick and simple just follow
the steps after the picture below to look at pictures, see captions, watch slide shows.
If you are adventurous and have time to explore then click away!

For a QUICK LOOK simply scroll down the page of pictures.
If a picture catches your eye click on it to enlarge it and show the caption.
(The caption will be underneath the picture on the left.)
Click your browser's Back button to return to the main photos page.
Try it! Click here to go have a QUICK LOOK!

For a LEISURELY LOOK click on any picture to enlarge it and show the caption.
Advance forward or backward by clicking the < or > arrows at either side of the picture.
(If you don't see the arrows just move your mouse anywhere over the picture area.)
When you're done, click on "Challenger 30th Anniversary" to the far right of the caption.
Try it! Click here to go have a LEISURELY LOOK!

Sit back & relax with a SLIDE SHOW which will play automagically for 6 to 8 minutes!
First, go get the beverage of your choice! Make popcorn if you like! Turn on music!
Now comes the easy part - just above the first row of photos you will see a black bar.
On the right hand side there is a Play icon in a double box. Click it to begin! To exit press ESC.
Try it! Click here to enjoy the SLIDE SHOW!

Watch a SUPER SLIDE SHOW where you can see the captions with the slides, expand to full screen, control the timing of the transitions, and play forwards or backwards from any slide.
To see the controls and options just move your mouse over the image area.
Try it! Click here to play the SUPER SLIDE SHOW!

Click here to view all the Challenger Canada Photo Albums hosted on Flickr!

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