My Favourite Vacation Activity
by Nathan Quickmire

Presented To Grade Six
September 1997

6:30 am! I'm ready to go to the airport. I was about to start the longest flight in XSL I ever made. My Dad was taking me to the 1997 Challenger fly-in.

Last year my Dad took me when we lived in Hudson, Massachusetts. That year it was in Haliburton.

Anyway we met our flight's part two Rick Scott and Blackie the dog. They flew in a Chinook.

We taxied to the beginning of the runway and took off in formation from Barrie Airport.

On the first leg we went to Peterborough. It took 1.2 hours (1:12). One of the cool things about this leg was we got to see Rick's aircraft from the side in the air and there was Blackie in the back seat.

Last destination before the fly-in was Kingston where we had a snack and gassed up. Blackie had all-dressed Crispers with salami!

On the final leg to the fly-in we flew down the Saint Lawrence River through the Thousand Islands. We passed over Ian Coristine's Spong Island cottage and two ocean going tankers.

After 4.1 hours flight time we reached the Iroquois fly-in. We met people from last year's fly-in like Jean-Marc Côté and Maurice Vinet.

There was an autogyro at the fly-in. It made as much noise as an AV8B Harrier!

In the evening we flew to Ian's island in formation with Rick and Blackie plus Ian in his Challenger. Rick and Blackie left in the morning but Ian, Dad and I stayed.

The next morning Ian discovered his son Scottie's canoe was missing. We called the Coast Guard and the police. Due to the wind the canoe would have stayed on the Canadian side of the river. We went on an air search and after about five minutes my Dad found it on the next island.

Then we went on a sightseeing tour of the Thousand Islands in the two Challengers.

After we landed back at Ian's island we went in the boat to get the canoe. That night we had a hot tub and a swim under the stars.

On the way home we stopped at these places in this order: Kingston, Sterling, Elmhirst Resort, Peterborough, Lindsay and then home port - Barrie. On the whole trip we made eleven flights totalling 11.6 hours.

This was the most fun thing I did on my summer vacation!

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