Aerial ATV

Alison MacCallum took this shot of Bryan Quickmire's XSL wearing
its spring and fall footwear - borrowed from a local combine harvester!

XSL has more footwear than Imelda Marcos: tundra wheels, regular wheels with wheel pants, straight skis, retractable wheel/skis, and amphibious floats!

Download medium 800x600 image. Download large 1024x768 image.

(Photo by Alison MacCallum with a digital Canon Pro90 IS.)

Bryan's first experience with oversize tires on Challengers was during the Trumpeter Swan Migration Project when he was landing in all sorts of scrappy farm fields with the birds. Those tires were set to around 12 psi, versus the normal 22-24 psi. The tundras on XSL are much bigger than the swan tires and are set to 5-6 psi. Bryan says they float over mud like pontoons on water and allow takeoffs and landings on surfaces too rough to even taxi on with normal wheels.

Below are a couple of comparison shots - smallest vs largest - click for details.

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