This Way Up

Louis Pouliot's Challenger II heads skyward in the hands of Bruce Brown.

Click the picture above for the zoomed out view of Bruce's amazing takeoff!

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(Photo by Lou Pouliot.)

Louis Pouliot owns Aviation Récréative du Québec Inc. - National Ultralight's exclusive Quebec dealer providing a full range of French language Challenger services from sales to training to support. Aviation Récréative operates two Challengers from a base at St. Lazare, Quebec, a short distance from Montreal.

In addition to being a full time Challenger dealer, Louis is also a full time Challenger lover and puts countless hours of pleasure flying on his airplanes. Below are a couple of shots of Lou taxiing his Challenger in at the Carleton Place, Ontario, fly-in in September 2003. That event attracted 25 Challengers!

(Note: The pics above and below are the full size version so no need to click!)

Believe it or not, this is just a fraction of the Challengers based near Ottawa where the Challenger is by many miles the plane of choice over all others!
At a recent Winter Rendezvous of the Challenger Owners Association at Chateau Montebello there were 24 Challengers on skis present!

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