Challenger 2006 Rendezvous

Canada's Favourite Advanced Ultralight

The 16th Annual Challenger Winter Rendezvous went down in the books as awesome!
The 250+ people who came found their spirits lifted and their batteries recharged.
The gaggle of Challengers all started flawlessly and didn't need their batteries recharged! ;)

In addition to the huge gang from Quebec and Ontario there were six people from BC,
six from Alberta, two from Manitoba, four from New Brunswick, two from Nova Scotia,
two from Whitehorse, Yukon and one from Kugluktuk, Nunavut.
Plus two from New York and one from Minnesota. Wow!

Following are grabs from video shot at the 16th Annual Challenger Winter Rendezvous in 2006!
(Click the images to enlarge!)

For a video clip of Conrad Watters launching his 582 Challenger II on skis click here!

The March 2006 COPA Flight featured great Montebello pictures and an article by Rob Mathers who flew his Challenger 800 kms from Windsor, ON. His piece "The Montebello Experience" also appeared in the April issue of Windicator, the Windsor Flying Club's quarterly newsletter.

The February 2006 UPAC News cover had a great shot of a Challenger
on skis doing a fly-by plus inside there was a report on the event.

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