Ian Coristine holds private pilot, glider and commercial ultralight licences. He has owned and flown a wide variety of aircraft in each category but it is the simplicity and fun of ultralight flying that he prefers. He has been active in the ultralight arena since 1981 and earned one of the first ultralight instructor ratings.

Ian has flown extensively on skis, amphibious floats and wheels, accumulating nearly 2,000 hours in ultralights. Along with fellow Challenger pilots Dave Goulet and Don Zank, Ian was one of the forerunners of long distance ultralight flights.

In 1988 the E.A.A. and the U.S. Ultralight Association jointly awarded the trio the prestigious "Flight of Distinction" award for their then unheard of country-wide flights to and from Sun 'N Fun in Florida. They crossed the U.S. north - south a total of 5 times! Ian also received the "Ed Grimm Award of Merit" from the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada for his long distance flights as well as his efforts to build awareness of ultralight aviaition.

Ian has written extensively for numerous aviation publications in both the U.S. and Canada. His articles have been reprinted in magazines as far away as Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

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