The Inner Sanctum Of The Webmaster

Yo! Who goes there? You've stumbled across the webmaster's private reserve!
These are the selections which didn't make it to the public music page.
They are however enjoyed by the webmaster for his own esoteric reasons.
Maybe they're interesting examples of computerized music.
Maybe they're just plain beautiful, even if a bit slow.
Whatever, they're here! And now that you're here - enjoy!

2001 A Space Odyssey
Bach - Air On The G String>
Bach - Prelude In C
Bach - Tocatta & Fugue In D Minor
Beatles - A Day In The Life
Beethoven - Sonata 14 Op 27 No 2
Candle In The Wind - Diana
Doors - Crystal Ship
Debussy - Claire De Lune
If You Leave Me Now
Joplin - The Maple Leaf Rag
Mission Impossible - Movie
Mission Impossible - Telly
Rossini - William Tell Overture
The Crying Game
Tse Mystery
Doors - Love Her Madly

You can return here by figuring out how you arrived in the first place!

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