Thanks For The Memories
by Ian Coristine
Canadian Flight Magazine

Ian Coristine has flown many types of aircraft but has found that only ultralights afford the unfettered freedom of flight he dreamed of as a child.

Here's a selection from the “Thanks For the Memories” collection!
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Soaring Anyone?

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to fly to Sun ‘N Fun in Florida a number of times. These flights were never an attempt to save the price of airfare, simply an opportunity to have a low key adventure and a little holiday, touring the US with a couple of friends from the wonderful low and slow perspective of an ultralight. ...

The Waving Phenomenon

Recently, fellow Challenger owner and friend, Bryan Quickmire wrote a feature story for Aviation Quarterly on his experiences of his first summer of float flying in the Challenger. In it, he spoke of "The Waving Phenomenon". I know exactly what he’s referring to. ...

The Hole In The Wall Gang

Magic moments often come when you least expect them. They are usually fleeting, but the memories they leave you with last forever. This one happened in 1988 when Dave Goulet, Don Zank and I were on our way back from Sun ‘N Fun. ...

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