Here's our Spring Newsletter from Bryan written May 10, 2006.

Hi Challenger Folks,

I'm just back from the West Coast where we enjoyed great scenery, great food and great people! To give you a flavour of the Challenger flying to be had there we put an entry from Dale Erhart's diary in the Experience section of our web site. It's entitled "West Coast Weekend".


On the trip west my GPS showed us at 40,000 feet making good a ground speed of 481 mph. No, this was not my Challenger!

Somewhere over Saskatchewan it occurred to me that this was pretty much the same route followed by Doug and Denise Gagnon when they flew their Challenger from Toronto to Vancouver Island.

I was ten times higher and ten times faster but they saw ten times more of Canada and had ten times more fun. Plus they have ten times more memories of their trip!

That's what the Challenger is all about - not spending less time doing what you love but spending more time and having more to remember for it!


Many of you across Canada reported hearing a loud sound travelling through the air and reverberating off the hillsides. Many characterized it as "happy". Using sophisticated computerized techniques we traced the sound back to its source in Owen Sound, Ontario.

We discovered it was a whoop for joy from Bill Wright when he went solo in his Challenger. Bill had wanted to fly since he was a young lad but life kept getting in the way. Now finally he's realizing his dream - soloing at the age of 79! Join us in congratulating Bill on his accomplishment!


Bill Wright's momentous milestone reminded us of an article we had enjoyed in COPA Flight last summer. Challenger owner Mike Lobban's piece reveals how finally becoming a pilot released his spirit from its cage after decades of captivity.

Mike tells airy tales in a unique earthy prose - we're sure you'll enjoy reading his work so we've put his article in the Experience section of our web site. It's entitled "The Dream Comes True".


We are proud to inform you that Dave Goulet, president of Quad City, has won the John Moody Award from the United States Ultralight Association.

This award was established in 1991 and is the highest and most prestigious award honoring the history and development of ultralight aviation. It is awarded for efforts over a period of years that have resulted in significant contributions and advancements of enduring value.

Here is an excerpt from the citation: "The continued success of the Challenger line of ultralights has brought world wide acclaim. The Challenger II has been the overwhelming choice of trainer by ultralight instructors - more ultralight pilots have learned to fly in a Challenger than any other trainer."

The first Challenger, a single seater, was designed in the winter of 1982 and the prototype appeared at Sun 'n Fun in the spring of 1983. The two seat Challenger II appeared on the scene a year later. Starting in 1984 National Ultralight operated a fleet of single and two seat Challengers in our flying school.

Now, nearly a quarter century and numerous improvements later, Quad City has shipped over 3,500 Challengers. The Challenger is Canada's favourite Advanced Ultralight by a lead of ten to one over the next closest competitor!

Good show Dave!


Well that's it for now - more news soon. Have yourself a great spring!


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