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Herein are the older Challenger II 447 Legacy, 503 Deluxe, 582 Premium which have been replaced by new 582 powered Challenger Light Sport models.

Rotax stopped selling new 447 and 503 engines some years ago because the
582 "Blue Head" has substantially better power, fuel economy and reliability.

The venerable Challenger II 582 Premium in 2005 pioneered the use of the 582.
It has been replaced by the Challenger Light Sport E Series EL-65 and ES-65
which have much improved handling plus enhanced accessibility and comfort,
all at the same cost. The new Light Sport X Series kicks it up another notch!

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Aviator and author Garth Wallace in his role as publisher of COPA / Canadian Flight, the monthly newspaper of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, travelled one gorgeous March day from Ottawa to the Montreal area to fly Ian Coristine's ski-equipped Challenger. Garth says he discovered a whole new side to recreational aviation, a side more fun and versatile than he'd imagined existed.

Read Garth's pilot report in Challenger II - An Ultralight For All Seasons.

The black and white pictures and their captions were scanned from the article published in Canadian Flight. The colour photos were also taken by Garth.

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