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The older Challenger II 447 Legacy, 503 Deluxe and 582 Premium models
have been replaced by 582 powered Challenger Light Sport models.

Rotax stopped selling new 447 and 503 engines some years ago because the
582 "Blue Head" has substantially better power, fuel economy and reliability.

The venerable Challenger II 582 Premium in 2005 pioneered the use of the 582.
It has been replaced by the Challenger Light Sport E Series EL-65 and ES-65
which have much improved handling plus enhanced accessibility and comfort,
all at the same cost. The new Light Sport X Series kicks it up another notch!

Click here for the new Challenger Light Sport models.

Canadian Challenger II Pricing | Canadian Challenger II Packaging
Challenger II 503 Legacy | Challenger II 503 DeluxeChallenger II 582 Premium
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 Challenger Compared To Other Ultralights

These pricing packages apply only to Challengers sold in Canada.
Elsewhere there are differences in packages, pricing and currencies.

Canadian Challenger II Pricing

Owning a new Challenger is a dream reasonably attainable by most Canadians. A well equipped Challenger costs no more than a decent car. Purchasing a general aviation aircraft can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, akin to buying a second home. As well, the Challenger's operating and maintenance costs are a fraction of any general aviation aircraft, new or old.

Challengers in Canada are sold at the exact same US Dollar prices here as they are at the factory in the United States. We take care of cross border shipping and customs. We ensure that all new Challengers purchased here are eligible for registration in the uniquely Canadian Advanced Ultralight category.

Today the top of the line Canadian Challenger 582 powered packages are about the same price as the 503 packages were not all that long ago!

There is no time like the present to make your dreams of flight come true!

Canadian Challenger II Packaging

In Canada the Challenger is sold in complete quick-build packages configured for our climate and conditions. Everything from the enclosed cabin to the engine to the landing gear is especially chosen based on our 30 years of operating Challengers on and off airport on wheels, skis and floats.

Our uniquely Canadian Challenger Packages are unlike anywhere else worldwide. They contain pretty much everything you need to go flying: airframe, fabric, engine, prop, instruments, ... plus many extra comfort, performance and durability features. You just provide paint and pilot!

To put our Canadian packages together we have OEM contracts with leading suppliers such as Quad City (airframe), Rotax (engine), Warp Drive (prop), Sheer Tech (582 cooling), Puddlejumper (floats), Turbulence (skis), etc.

People who buy from us have access to our priceless world leading expertise. Our support capability is based on three decades of flying Challengers in Canada twelve months a year on wheels, skis and floats. Plus we completely understand the Canadian tax and regulatory environment - no mean feat!

Be very wary if you see Challengers advertised at low prices outside Canada! These sites are invariably showing pricing which is years out of date plus they include only the bare bones tail, wings and fuselage. They think you'll forget about needing engine, prop, instruments, streamlining, enclosed cabin, brakes, shoulder straps, ... You get what you pay for!

Challenger II 503 Legacy Package
See summary below. Click above for details. Contact us for quote.

The Challenger II 503 Legacy Package is a wonderful way to own your own plane at a very affordable price. The careful selection of add-ons, accessories and upgrades keeps cost and weight to an absolute minimum.

The 503 has 25% more power than its predecessor the 447 and, importantly, also has dual ignition for redundancy and improved fuel burn.

This configuration takes off short and climbs great but is significantly slower in cruise than our other more fully featured packages. It's a great choice for the budget conscious flyer looking for fun in the sun rather than going places fast.

Challenger II 503 Deluxe Package
See summary below. Click above for details. Contact us for quote.

The Challenger II 503 Deluxe Package bundles the Rotax 503 engine with the Challenger II two-seat airframe and includes all sorts of add-ons, accessories and upgrades. Until 2005 this was the most popular configuration.

This airframe and engine combination is a great value - the balance of money vs capability - and will provide very good performance twelve months a year for most people in most parts of Canada, especially on wheels and skis.

Challenger II 582 Premium Package
See summary below. Click above for details. Contact us for quote.

The Challenger II 582 Premium Package from its announcement in the fall of 2005 until being superseded by the Challenger Light Sport models in 2010 was the choice of 95% of new Challenger owners!

This package bundles the powerful Rotax 582 engine with the two-seat Challenger II and includes all our add-ons, accessories and upgrades. The 582 boosts horsepower 30% and torque 34% over the 503. This translates into takeoffs 1/3 to 1/2 shorter and climbs 50-100% faster! For more details and comparative videos click here.

Amazingly, the 582 engine itself weighs less than the 503, although by the time the cooling system is installed there is a small weight gain. On a typical mission the more efficient 582 does all this on less fuel than the 503!

This airframe and engine combination is for folks who require extra takeoff and climb thrust to operate on amphibious floats or carry heavier loads or operate at higher elevations and temperatures. The Challenger II 582 Premium Package is also the preference of those who have higher budget resources and simply want to enjoy the stunning performance of the CII-582. It really is a WOW!

Canadian Challenger Kit-By-Section Program
(See summary below. Click above for details. Contact us for quote.)

Our Canadian "kit by section" program allows those on a budget to purchase a series of sub-kits - tail, wings, fuselage, engine - as they have the financial resources and the time available for assembly. Each sub-kit includes all the necessary supplies and hardware. An important benefit of this approach is that it facilitates that all important first step, without which you never get airborne!

For many people the purchase of their own airplane is the fulfillment of a life long dream. Some are in a position to simply make the purchase immediately and proceed. Others cannot move right away because of finances so they are forced to wait and save towards the realization of this dream.

It takes a lot of financial discipline to keep focused on saving to turn an airplane into reality. The problem for many is that before sufficient funds are put aside to purchase the entire airplane, life intervenes and other expenses chip away at the savings. In the end the dream never happens. Quel dommage!

The key to making things happen is to start the project, even if it is only a tail sub-kit. By taking that first step you are making the commitment to yourself to achieve the dream of owning your own airplane, as only after it is started will it ever be finished. You will proceed at your own pace and as finances allow, but with the commitment having been made, your dream WILL become reality.

Which Canadian Challenger Package To Choose

How do you choose between the Challenger II 503 Legacy, Challenger II 503 Deluxe and Challenger II 582 Premium packages? It's a matter of balancing your budget with your requirements.

The Challenger II 503 Legacy could be just the trick for local fun flights if you're not planning to go far, or fast, and the price really can't be beat.

The Challenger II 503 Deluxe has great performance on wheels and skis and enough performance to handle amphibious floats for two 170 lb people taking off from elevations near sea level with a standard size tank full of fuel.

The Challenger II 582 Premium has stunning performance in all conditions for not much more money. It's the best choice for amphibious floats, heavier loads, operation at higher elevations and temperatures, and long range fuel tanks.

Canadian Challenger Documentation and Support

When you acquire a Canadian Challenger it includes our uniquely Canadian support. The new Quad City assembly manuals are supplemented by the Canadian Challenger Owners Manual which contains our hints and tips based on a quarter century of assembling and operating Challengers four seasons a year in Canada. Our manual has ten chapters on everything from building to flying to maintaining your plane - to save you from learning the hard way!

You also gain access to our internet-based Canadian Support Section. Phone support is unlimited and is free for as long as you own your Challenger.

Professional Challenger Assembly Available In Canada

You can have your Challenger assembled, covered and painted professionally for a very reasonable price. Final cost varies according to configuration, paint design and add-ons. Opportunities to obtain a ready-to-fly Challenger at these attractive price are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us for availability and a price quote.

Puddlejumper Amphibious Floats for Challenger

The most popular floats used on Challengers world-wide are made in Canada. You can order your fibreglass Puddlejumper amphibious floats directly from National Ultralight. Amphibs start at CA$6,400. For additional info click the diagram.

Skis and Aftermarket Accessories

Ski prices start around CA$1,200 and you can choose straight skis, fixed penetration wheel/skis or retractable wheel/skis. If it makes sense for your missions in your area of operations you can even equip your Challenger with the latest in avionics - radio, GPS, transponder - even a full glass cockpit.

Aftermarket companies offer a wide variety of accessories made specifically for Challengers: cargo carriers, wing and fuselage covers, custom interiors, ...

The list is long - a benefit of some 4,000 Challengers worldwide - and we at National Ultralight can serve you all these goodies!

Challenger Compared To Other Ultralights

In Canada the Challenger is by far the most popular recreational aircraft and outsells the nearest competitor by 10 to 1! There are many reasons why the Challenger is so much more popular. A big one is bang-for-the-buck: more real world capability, versatility and performance per dollar than anything else you'll ever find. The Challenger is a true four season, all terrain vehicle!

This doesn't just benefit us as vendors it benefits you as owners because the support network is gigantic and there's no end of fellow Challenger owners to share experiences with. No other marque has annual owner gatherings and even if they did no other marque could put dozens of planes and hundreds of enthusiasts together at a rendezvous in the middle of the Canadian winter!

On any other ultralight to come near the Challenger's payload and performance you'd need a Rotax 912 which is over $20,000 for the engine alone. The mounts, prop, etc are another $5,000! And to support the extra weight you'd need bigger, more expensive floats, ... Apparently no one can duplicate the Challenger's secret formula: a huge wing, light weight and sleek shape!

We timed the water takeoff run of a competitor with a 912 and amphibious floats. The 503 Challenger on amphibs gets off in the same time, at half the cost! The 582 Challenger takes off in half the time, still at much less cost!

Careful researchers will soon realize that most manufacturers price quotes exclude the appropriate engine to match their performance claims and most don't show the 40-70% premium charged for quick-build versions, if available.

The Challenger has achieved amazing longevity and success, click to read what owners think are the Ten Best Reasons For Owning A Challenger.

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