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Canadian Challenger II 582 Premium Package
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These pricing packages apply only to Challengers sold in Canada.
Elsewhere there are differences in packages, pricing and currencies.

Canadian Challenger II 582 Premium Package

The Challenger II 582 Premium Package consists of the
Challenger II Premium Airframe with all the trimmings plus
the incredible 65 hp liquid-cooled Rotax 582 Power Pack.

Priced in the low thirties. Contact us for a quote.

Canadian Challenger II 582 Premium Airframe

The Challenger II 582 Premium Airframe includes all the add-ons, accessories and upgrades to provide maximum performance, utility and comfort in Canada. This package is rated for a gross weight of 960 lbs at +6G / -3G ultimate loads.

The tail, wings and fuselage are pre-built at the factory from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. All hardware is provided and is AN aircraft quality.

Superflite fabric is provided pre-sewn into socks for the tail, pre-cut into top and bottom sections for the wings, and precut into panels for the fuselage.

Full dual controls - sticks and rudder pedals - are installed at the factory. Throttles are provided for front and rear seats. Cushions and seatbelts with shoulder straps are standard for both seats. In-flight adjustable flaperons and pitch trim are standard with this package.

The cabin is fully enclosed with a Lexan wraparound windscreen plus doors on both sides. Very few ultralights have doors on both sides which is significant on floats when docking since the wind often takes away the choice of which side to put towards the dock. If you only have one door then half the time there is no way to get from the cockpit to the wharf!

The instruments included are Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Tachometer, Hour Meter, Compass and for the 582 a Coolant Temperature gauge.

A full electrical system is provided including regulator/rectifier, solenoid and electric start for the engine. A 10 USgal fuel tank is included as standard.

For maximum speed, and good looks, the package includes the fibreglass nose fairing and three-piece mid-wing gap covers as well as full streamline strut and gear fairings plus wheel pants for the mains and nose gear.

The landing gear includes upgraded main gear legs of 2024-T3 aluminum with chromoly steel inserts and an oversized nose fork. All three wheels are upgraded to heavy duty oversized aluminum rims with larger tires. This Canadian wheel and tire setup is excellent for virtually all rough or soft surfaces. For extreme conditions you can use the same wheels and simply install tundra tires. The new third generation brakes are included.

Canadian Challenger II 582 Premium Power Pack

The Challenger II 582 Premium Power Pack is centered on the Rotax 582 UL DCDI Mod 99 engine and includes everything you need to produce thrust.

This engine, the well-proven second generation "Blue Head" version, has numerous internal improvements to enhance reliability, the benefit of Rotax's substantial real world service experience with the initial generation. The engine comes complete with dual electronic ignition, two spark plugs per cylinder, dual carbs, impulse fuel pump, air filter and a quite effective muffler. Custom exhaust mounts are used. To attach this engine to the airframe we include the new motor mount with eight Lord mounts to isolate the airframe from vibration.

The 582 is liquid-cooled via an engine-driven water pump and thermostat so of course we include a complete radiator setup with everything you need to go flying - no trips to the hardware store, or the engineering department! This rad mounts in front of the engine on top of the wing parallel to the airflow rather than perpendicular so it creates the least possible drag. It is quite large to avoid overheating on even the most trying days in the most trying circumstances.

An integrated generator produces AC current (12V 170W) which is converted by the supplied regulator/rectifier to 12V DC (nominal). Electric start is standard with our Premium package. Also included is a backup manual recoil starter.

The reduction drive is the preferred "tall" 2.6-to-1 unit which turns a 60" prop.

The prop is the top-of-the-line Warp Drive 3-blade ground adjustable unit with upgraded HP-L machined aluminum hub and three carbon fibre blades with wide tips and nickel leading edges for protection from spray, slush and rain. The HP-L hub makes tracking easier and it's lighter and prettier than the Std. Users say this prop is near indestructible - please don't try to disprove them!

A wonderful aspect of the 582 is that the peaks of the horsepower and torque curves overlap and are quite flat plus start at a relatively low rpm. This allows the prop pitch to be set into the peak power range without giving up on cruise! The 3-blade configuration is required to get all the 582's horsepower out into the air as thrust - a 2-blade prop wouldn't have enough disc area to do this.

No-Charge Choices for the Challenger II 582 Premium Package

CHOOSE Wing Span: long = 31.5 ft for max lift for floats and soaring OR clip = 26 ft for more speed and maneuverability. (See also chargeable 29.5 ft option.)

CHOOSE Cabin: wide with low cockpit side rails OR narrow with high sides.

CHOOSE Lexan: tinted OR clear wraparound windscreen and doors.

Chargeable Options for the Challenger II 582 Premium Package

OPTIONAL Midsize 29.5 Ft Wing

The 29.5 ft wing span is achieved via a special fibreglass "Hoerner" wingtip that takes a foot off each side. The wing itself is the same as the 31.5 ft version but the standard 1.5 ft bow wingtips are replaced with the optional 0.5 ft ones.

The benefits are a slightly higher cruise speed (still not a Lear jet though!) as well as a quicker roll rate for more sporty handing. This mid point between the long wing and the clip wing is suitable for float operations.

OPTIONAL 17 USgal Fuel Tank

The factory 17 USgal long range fuel tank represents by far the best value in terms of dollars per gallon versus other large aftermarket tanks. Many owners install long range tanks for their convenience and flexibility.

OPTIONAL 582 All Season Kit

The optional 582 All Season Kit provides cabin heat via a remote heater core with 3-speed electric blower and ducting plus cockpit-controllable louvres for modulating the airflow through the rad. The louvres function like the cowl flaps on high performance airplanes or like the shutters on some motor vehicles.

When the louvres are open they allow maximum airflow to avoid overheating during taxiing or prolonged climbs on hot days. Conversely, when closed they prevent overcooling during extended descents at low power settings. The louvres can be set to any interim position to keep the coolant temperature right in the middle of the operating range, the key to the high reliability of the 582.

This option is strongly recommended if you are going to be flying in the Canadian cold season (September through June!) or at high altitudes.

OPTIONAL 582 Oil Injection

The optional 582 Oil Injection Kit includes the oil injection pump and control as well as two oil tanks which mount on either side of the rad. In this setup the owner puts pure gas in the fuel tank instead of pre-mixing with oil. The metering system, based upon engine rpm and throttle position, delivers exactly the right amount of oil to each cylinder via diffuser jets in the intake manifold sockets. The tanks are quite large and contain enough oil for 10-12 hours of flight! The oil tanks have individual sight gauges and both gauges are visible from either side of the airplane. The oil tanks are designed with outlets front and rear and they are cross-linked so that oil is available in all flight attitudes.

The Fine Print!

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change without notice until locked by placing deposit.
Canada customs charges are not included. Taxes - HST/GST/PST - vary by province.
Shipping is not included - freight charges to major Canadian cities will typically total CDN$900-1200.
Your freight may be more or less depending on your Challenger configuration and your location.

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