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We often get complimented about the high quality of the pictures on our site. It's not because we're such brilliant photographers but rather that our subject, the Challenger, is so photogenic. We are fortunate to have a wonderfully sleek and sensuous bird, rather than some ultralight that looks like a prehistoric pterodactyl! After all, isn't it true that form follows function?

In any event, we've created this Challenger Gallery to serve two purposes. One is to provide a source of high-resolution images which can be downloaded for desktop wallpaper or screensavers, or even printed for sticking on your fridge!

The other is to showcase images of you and by you, our Challenger owners and aficionados. Think of it as the Picture Of The Month Club! So send us your best Challenger shots - fame and fortune will soon follow. If you don't have any shots to send then get out there with your Brownie and start snapping!

Click the picture or the title for an enlargement plus caption. Then from there click on 'medium' (800x600) or 'large' (1024x768) for the high resolution images.

Once the image is downloaded simply right-click on it and select Save As. Alternatively, you can use your browser's File menu and select Save As.

The high res pictures can be quite large - if you're still using a steam-powered dial-up modem then you'd better be blessed with patience!

Two Miles High

The Penfound Family


Dale Erhart

This Way Up

Lou Pouliot

Aerial ATV

Bryan Quickmire


Russ Bateman

Star Of Logy Bay

Hal Young

Flight Level 350

Doug & Denise Gagnon

I Got The Blues

Don Sampson

Sea of Green

John Woudstra

Sunday Drive

Bruce Borland

You can download more hi-res images from our Slide Show and Hot Shots!
And for tons more great Challenger pictures check out the Family Album!

If you wish, we'll notify you by e-mail when we expand this section!

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